Limit your cleanings by following these easy maintenance tips. Canals and waterways are pretty common in Florida. In fact, the South Florida Water Management District is responsible for 2,200 miles of canals across 41 percent of the population of Florida. If you’ve got one running through your property, you might be responsible for some of its maintenance, depending on district laws. We’re here to walk you through some easy maintenance steps to prevent backups or issues in the long run. Keep reading to learn more, and visit our website for more information on our canal services

In many cases, you may be responsible for only the land and bank leading up to the canal. However, this doesn’t mean you should brush this responsibility aside. Canals play a huge part in our state’s ecosystem, and they can contribute to pollution and erosion if not managed properly. 

Step 1: Don’t overfertilize your land. Fertilizer that cannot be absorbed into the soil will wash off with sprinklers or rain runoff. When that water drains away from your house and into the canal, drainage systems can take the excess fertilizer and dump it into the waterway. This can poison the water and the fish and vegetation that reside there. 

Step 2: Watch for invasive species. Property owners should be aware not to plant invasive tree and shrub species such as Florida Holly, Ficus or Australian pine. These are detrimental to the ecosystem and should be removed or placed far away from the canals’ banks. 

Contribute to the beauty and health of your district’s ecosystem by following these guidelines. Removing vegetation from around the canal is a simple way to ensure invasive species are not cluttering up the waterway. If you find your canal is overgrown and you need help with maintenance, contact us today. We’re happy to help get your property back in shape. 

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