If you’ve recently completed a home project that used fill dirt, you may have some left over. You can get that hauled away again or use it for something new. Here are three creative uses for your leftover fill dirt. To get fill dirt from us for your next project or for a quote to haul fill dirt, visit our website. 

  • Raised Garden. Use fill dirt to create a raised garden bed! You can plant flowers, vegetables or herbs to use in your kitchen year-round. Build garden bed walls out of plywood (or use pallets for an easy solution), and put fill dirt in the bottom half of each container to save money on soil. Fill dirt won’t feed your garden, so be sure to add topsoil, which is full of nutrients for those plants. Fill dirt does, however, provide a great system for drainage. 


  • Children’s Play Area. You can add leftover fill dirt in layers to your children’s play area to make it more safe. Start by spreading a thin layer across the area you want to cover, remove the rocks and other large debris and continue to spread layers until you’re satisfied with the result. It can also be used as a base or cushion layer for playground equipment.


  • Driveway Reinforcement. It’s easy to use extra fill dirt to reinforce the sides of your driveway and minimize water runoff into your yard. Put the dirt in berms lining the driveway, then gently rake them until they are still slightly elevated above the driveway but don’t look conspicuous. This is also useful for ensuring driveway runoff goes into the street and drainage system as opposed to running into your plants and lawn, as the water on your driveway could get contaminated with oils and chemicals. Visit our website for more drainage solutions

With this list, you might find you want even more fill dirt! Contact YRock Trucking for your home project needs, and visit our website for a free quote.

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