Save the environment, and your budget, with these tips.

Disposing of leftover concrete and rubble after a building project’s completion or demolition can be time consuming and expensive. Disposal of concrete in landfills is restricted due to environmental concerns. We recommend avoiding the problem entirely by utilizing recycled crushed concrete when possible for your next home project. Keep reading to learn more, and visit our blog for more information on other building materials.

Recycling our used concrete increases sustainability, and it’s a great way to utilize an environmentally-friendly practice in your building project. Before, concrete debris would just get moved from a job site to a landfill, essentially becoming someone else’s problem. Now with the ability to use recycled concrete in our projects, or recycle and repurpose old concrete for another project in the future, we can save space, energy and money.

Having to get a company to come to your job site and remove your concrete waste for you can increase the time and costs associated with your project. Lugging around a few pounds of concrete isn’t cheap! Instead, a company removing the waste for you and transporting it to a location to be recycled for new use, or utilizing a crusher on site and removing it afterwards, is a more cost-effective and time-efficient option.

Recycled crushed concrete provides an economical option for your project. Along with that, this material is extremely versatile! It can serve in almost all the same ways as any regular concrete aggregate. It has other uses too. Larger pieces of crushed concrete can be converted into something known as riprap revetments, which are used to help control the erosion of riverbanks and waterways. For other uses of recycled crushed concrete, visit our website.

Recycled crushed concrete can be a great option for you and your project. Have questions? Visit our website to get a free quote and chat with us today.

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