Learn about this important construction tool. They’re more than just your child’s favorite toy truck. Dump trucks serve as an important tool in major construction and mining projects. They help transport large loads of materials from one site to another. We’ll fill you in on some fun facts about dump trucks and their industry today. Visit our blog to learn more about construction.

Dump trucks and their tipper mechanism originated in the farmlands of Western Europe during the late 19th century. The dump truck variety we most commonly know and love today is the standard dump truck, also known as a mini wheeler. It is equipped with an open-box bed that features a hydraulic ram and hinges for lifting, and has an industry standard 18 cubic yard bed.  A full size dump truck will also have a “drop axle”, also called a third axle. This axle is deployed when the truck is full in order to meet DOT weight standards per axle.

Have you ever thought about driving a dump truck? Dump truck drivers can earn $50,000 a year or more. They have a fairly high operating cost to the owner, yet owners typically try to pay well to secure great drivers. A truck averages 5 miles to the gallon, insurance averages $16,000 a truck per year, and we haven’t even gotten to routine maintenance yet. We work hard to be sure our trucks are up to date and in top condition. You can rest when hiring Y Rock Trucking knowing that we are properly licensed, inspected, and insured.

When selecting a material supplier, be sure to look at the truck and know the difference in yardage. Look at the number of axles, size of box, and be sure all the name and DOT numbers are clearly marked. With a large influx of out of country operators, the need to check a contractor’s credibility is at an all time high. Y Rock Trucking is locally owned and professionalism is a top priority.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about this construction vehicle today. If you need construction or hauling help, visit our website for a free quote. We’re ready to assist you with any step of your project.

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