Asphalt millings are more economical and require very little maintenance

It may surprise you to learn that the United States is the world’s largest producer and consumer of gravel. The tiny rocks seem to be everywhere, from driveways to parking lots, flower beds, playgrounds, and more. Gravel just seems to be the natural choice for a low-cost, low-maintenance, quick filler for those ground areas that are going to see some traffic but not so much that they need to be fully paved. Well, Y-Rock Trucking is here to tell you that there is an even better solution – asphalt millings.

What Makes Asphalt Millings Superior to Gravel?

Many times, when planning a project, we go with what we know rather than try something new. If you have never used asphalt millings before, you could be missing out. There are several reasons why asphalt millings make a better filler than gravel. 

Asphalt Millings Over Gravel

  • Cost. Let’s be practical. When planning a project, that bottom line is going to be the deciding factor for many design choices. Gravel may seem economical, but really, asphalt millings are even more cost-effective. Millings are a recycled product, made from former asphalt projects, so no new materials are being used. This also helps to reduce transportation costs, as millings can generally be locally obtained.
  • No maintenance! Asphalt millings are more resilient to weather damage than gravel is, and the millings will not need to be resurfaced, refinished, or replaced. Plus, asphalt millings harden over time, making the surface stronger instead of weaker. 
  • Environmental impact. If you are working on a LEED project or are otherwise looking for measures to reduce the environmental impact of your project, consider asphalt millings. Millings are an eco-friendly material that can count towards LEED credits and, in some cases, earn your company tax credits. 

Y-Rock Trucking Has Asphalt Millings

When you need to pave a surface, contact Y-Rock Trucking for all your paving needs. We have a good supply of asphalt millings that is ready to go, so no matter your deadline, Y-Rock Trucking will deliver on time.