Before construction can begin, it is often necessary to grade the site.

Site grading is the first step in many construction projects. In order to produce a stronger, more even foundation, the ground to be built upon must first be leveled and compacted. Here in Florida, proper grading is very important in order to minimize pooling and flooding during our rainy season. Y Rock Trucking can perform laser site grading for your project to ensure that the foundation is solid and the site is well-drained.

Why Is Site Grading So Important?
Whether your project is commercial or residential in nature, if the foundation is unstable, the whole structure will be at risk. Before any construction work can begin, professional engineers will need to take a look at the site to figure out what needs to be done in order to achieve a firm, level base. The engineers will consider such factors as soil composition and moisture levels to determine how exactly the site should be graded. Y Rock Trucking has the appropriate machinery standing ready to come out and grade your site.

In addition to providing a solid foundation for your structure, site grading is also used to affect the flow of runoff water. Florida gets plenty of rain, and without appropriate grading and drainage, your property can be damaged by weathering, erosion, and flooding. In general, a slope of at least 5% away from the building is used to direct water away from the structure. Y Rock Trucking can help you determine what the best way to grade your site is for good drainage.

Y Rock Trucking Can Handle Your Grading Needs
Don’t let your project fall victim to poor grading! If your site isn’t graded properly, you may as well be building sand castles at the beach. Call Y Rock Trucking for all of your construction materials and laser grading needs. 

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