Learn about what we’re seeing and things we expect.

This past year was a year no one could expect. Businesses and families alike experienced a year unlike any other we’d seen. Thankfully, we are rebounding from 2020, and the next year is set to be a great one. As industries have been forced to change their practices, you might notice some of those changes are here to stay. In today’s blog, we’ll take the time to analyze some trends we expect for the year of 2021. Keep reading to learn about them, and see our blog for more business insights and behind-the-scenes in the construction world.

  1. Protective Equipment – This pandemic has changed the way we view health and safety and the way we interact with each other. Some of these changes are here to stay, and can help make our workplace a safer place to be. A growing union influence also enhances these requirements, but can also increase costs. One example of new safety technology would be work boots with wifi connectivity which are able to signal if someone has fallen. Check out this blog on how the pros can do your job safely.
  2. Need for Laborers – Industry is coming back strong, and it needs more people to keep up with the demand. As machines take over some jobs, it actually creates jobs for more high-level positions who are able to interpret and manage this data. COVID-19 has turned many toward alternative education methods and trade schools, so recruiters are eager to garner interest from an upcoming workforce.
  3. Green Building – Whether your choice of “green building” is installing pieces to use with renewable energy or utilizing recycled materials, green construction has made a huge impact on the construction market, making it a new standard for many homebuyers, renters and commercial tenants. We expect to see this trend continue in the future.

As our world gets back to normal, we’ll continue to change our practices for the better. We’re committed to constantly striving toward improvement, and we’re ready to get back to work.

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