What is contract alignment, and how does it improve a project’s productivity?

Too often, construction projects fall behind in productivity due to poor contract alignment. What does this mean? Simply put, when the involved parties come together to create the contract for a project, each party is primarily concerned with protecting their own bottom line and timeline. They aren’t really looking at the big picture to create a timeline and goals that strengthen overall productivity. At Y Rock Trucking, we believe that a more team-oriented approach to contract negotiations will better serve all parties, and the project as a whole.

Contract Alignment Helps Everyone
What exactly does contract alignment look like? Basically, it looks like teamwork. Contract alignment is when all parties come to the table armed with resources, data, and technology ready to communicate their needs for their company as well as the needs for the particular project. There are no hidden agendas, hidden costs, or unrealistic goals. Open communication is imperative for effective contract alignment.

Y Rock Trucking values honest communication with our project partners. We develop communication checkpoints to make sure that all parties are achieving their goals within the appropriate timeframe and budget. We make sure that our methods of monitoring the project are simple and clearly aligned to the project’s objectives. This ensures that everyone is on track to meet their goals and the project proceeds with efficiency.

Y Rock Trucking Is a Team Player
At Y Rock Trucking, we aren’t solely concerned with what we get out of a project. Sure, our bottom line matters, too, but not as much as our integrity. We believe in working together with honest communication and realistic goals in order to achieve something greater than just profit. Y Rock Trucking takes pride in our methods so that you can be pleased with the final results.