Culverts, we see them everywhere. Big and small, typically made of concrete, we know they’re vital to cities’ drainage systems. Where did these important structures come from? Learn about culverts in today’s post, and visit the YRock Trucking blog to learn more. 

These tunnel systems might be more famous in movies than in real life; we hardly give them a second glance when we see them in town. Culverts serve several important purposes. One of the most pivotal tasks they perform is directing excess water caused by rainfall or melting snow. They also help prevent rivers and streams from overflowing into bridges and passageways. 

Though typically seen in concrete, culverts consist of many other materials, including steel, aluminum or polyethylene. They come in various shapes and sizes depending on soil regulation and purpose. Placement is critical to minimize blockage and jamming. When placed improperly, they can cause erosion. 

There are over 5 million culverts in the United States. Though helpful in many situations, they are essential in areas prone to flooding as well as areas with heavy or frequent rainfalls. You may notice many around Central Florida to assist with hurricane season precipitation. 

Culverts are used in canals and rivers and with streets and railroads to allow passage of cars or trains over bodies of water. When appropriately placed and regularly cleaned and maintained, they can prevent erosion, ensure proper drainage and allow safe passage for fish and other aquatic wildlife. For more drainage solutions, visit our website

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this essential tool. To learn more or to find help for your project, visit our website. We’d be happy to assist you and provide you with a free quote for your residential or commercial project.

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