Almost every yard needs some sort of drainage solution, whether it’s ditches and runoff areas or just some nice grading solutions. However, some of these methods of keeping water away from the foundation of your home and preventing erosion don’t always look the most appealing to the eye. We’ve got four different options today that can help hide those necessary drains in your yard. Even better, we can help you put those plans into action.

Drainage Solutions

  1. Building a dry streambed can add beauty to your lawn, and can serve as an excellent escape route for excess water. Dig a ditch that slopes down and away from the structure. Line the canal with heavy rocks, and plant moisture-loving plants along the sides of the bed. 
  2. French drains are the perfect solution for moving water away from gutter downspouts. A perforated pipe is buried underground in a ditch lined with gravel to encourage proper drainage. Grass or plants can be planted over the top of the pipe to hide it, but remember to choose something with a shallow root system, as longer roots could get into the pipes and disrupt the proper flow of water. For help installing a French drain or any of these solutions, visit our website
  3. Swales are a great way to utilize rainwater for garden watering. Dig a shallow ditch from a high point to a lower point that you want to water. Like the dry streambed, you can line a swale with moisture-loving plants. If you have a swale in a loop around your garden, you can reduce erosion and allow water to soak in slowly over time. 
  4. A vegetated ditch is commonly used in agriculture, and it’s a great way to naturally filter water. Hardy native plants are used to filter chemicals and water and prevent erosion. 

To figure out what’s right for you and your yard, contact YRock today. As one of the most trusted names in Central Florida, we’re here to help. 

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