Forestry mulching is an eco-friendly method of clearing land. This process reserves and builds the enrichment in the topsoil layer, and is a great way to clear land without burning brush. We’ll go over the subject in this blog post. Be sure to check out the rest of our blogs to learn more about how we can help with your project. 

Forestry mulching recycles the existing biomass. Often referred to simply as “mulching,” it’s a way to transform leftover brush, branches and trees into a biodegradable ground covering. It’s environmentally friendly and is a great option when it comes to land clearing. To learn about all the land clearing services we offer, visit our website

The process is accomplished with the help of a variety of equipment. The machines are fitted with rotary cutting drums that resemble giant rolling pins with teeth. The end result gives your land a parklike appearance. It’s perfect for clearing back yard, and can be customized to only underbrush or clear all vegetation.

In this service, we’re able to process trees and other plants right where they stand, eliminating many steps of land clearing and hauling. With the proper aftercare, grass will naturally grow through the mulch. This can easily be maintained with routine mowing. 

An advantage to this method of land clearing is its affordability. By eliminating steps such as felling and hauling trees, you’re saving time, and therefore money. Cleaning overgrown forests also reduces the tick population, protecting you and your family. Additionally, mulching eliminates a lot of waste, as that biomass is turned right back into a layer of protection for the ground that can help native plants regrow. 

This service is an excellent way to clear land and put nutrients back in the soil. For questions or to receive a free quote, go to our website today. 

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