There are multiple uses of water features; we can help you determine which is best for you.

Maybe you’ve thought about adding a fishing hole to your property, or just want something as small as a koi pond. Water features can be a simple way to add value to your home and beauty to your landscape. We’ll walk you through the steps here so you know what to expect. From land clearing to digging, we can help you with them all. 

  • Choose a location. The first step to building a pond is to choose an appropriate location. Central Florida is relatively flat, but it’s easier to choose a low-lying area with gentle slopes than the top of a hill. The former will ensure water runoff drains into the pond for maximum effect. It also greatly reduces the amount of dirt you’ll need to excavate and haul away or use somewhere else on your property. 


  • Clear the land. You’ll need to ensure the land is cleared of any vegetation and trees. There are different methods for doing this. To learn more, read our blog on land clearing


  • Excavate the area. Ponds don’t have to be dug too deep, but the depth you’ll need depends on what you’d like to grow and live there. Ensure your pond is deep enough for the fish you’d like to accommodate and allows for growth of aquatic plants to supply oxygen for your fish. Matching the right equipment to the depth you desire saves on dig costs.


  • Import clay. Unless your pond’s base already has tight clay, you’ll likely need to bring in clay or other sealants, or at least compact the area to create a good base.

Now that you know what goes into digging a pond, why should you do it? If you have a low area that typically holds water throughout the year, this could be a great way to transform that space. Maybe you want to create a fishing hole or swimming pond for your family, or just enhance the beauty of your real estate. No matter the reason, YRock Trucking is happy to help. For a free quote, visit our website today. 


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