Crushed concrete is a recycled, environmentally-friendly aggregate made from concrete or pavement. It’s the perfect material to use in creating a strong foundation for your yard. Whether you’ve got a ton ready to use or just a few wheelbarrows full, we’ll go over some ideas to utilize that leftover material. Be sure to follow our blog for more landscaping ideas.

Landscaping your yard is a great way to use your creativity while also raising your home’s value. Spending at least 5 percent of your home’s value on landscaping may get as much as 150 percent return on investment (ROI) when you sell your home later on. With that, here are five creative ways to use crushed concrete in your yard:

  1. Raised garden beds – These create the perfect drainage solution for your plants. Add just a few inches of crushed concrete below your plants, and then combine with organic material, such as crushed seashell, to act as a mulch. This will keep your plants warmer and provide quick germination in the springtime. 
  2. Pathways – Help your guests and family navigate your yard in style, and protect your plants from getting crushed. 
  3. Drainage solutions – Just as crushed concrete can help with drainage in your garden beds, it can also be a great tool to use in overall drainage for your yard. Check out our blog for more tips on drainage. 
  4. Walls and fences – Placing crushed concrete, along with other materials, into a cage or fence-like structure can help prevent erosion on a sloping hill or serve as a planting wall for a terraced garden. 
  5. Mulching – Crushed concrete has almost exactly the same benefits as traditional mulch. Crushed concrete can regulate temperature and moisture levels; additionally, unlike mulch, it doesn’t rot or wash away in the rain. It does not provide plants with nutrients though, so choose this option for plants that don’t need the extra help.

Raise your home’s value, and elevate your yard’s style, by using crushed concrete in your landscaping. To get your own, visit our website

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