Water in your home is a common fear for homeowners, especially if you live in Central Florida or areas prone to hurricanes or flash floods. Poor grading in your yard can exacerbate this problem. We’ll break down this issue in today’s blog post, along with some easy ways to get it under control. If you’d like to learn more about what we do, visit the YRock Trucking blog.

A muddy yard isn’t just unappealing; it’s unsafe. Standing water can breed bacteria and insects, and muddy ground can cause little ones to slip or fall. It’s not great for hosting those summer backyard barbecues, either. 

Drainage issues in your landscaping can also cause flooded basements and structural damage to your home. For this reason, it’s important to recognize when your yard needs work and to take action quickly. You’ll be glad that you handled the little problems first to avoid more serious problems down the road. Reach out to the experts at YRock Trucking for help.  

Some common signs that you have drainage problems that need to be resolved could be overflowing gutters, drifting mulch or bedding, soggy ground, pooling water, or mold or mildew. All land should slope slightly away from your home to prevent water that hasn’t soaked into the ground from sitting or moving toward your house. If your neighbor’s yard isn’t properly graded, their water could be moving toward your property as well. 

Another potential issue is cracks in a driveway, which could allow water to seep into your house’s foundation. Leaves and other debris can clog your gutters, so check for overflow often. If the water is still not absorbing at the sloped area, check to see if the soil is compacted. 

YRock Trucking can help you troubleshoot and fix drainage issues in your yard, whether the solution is leveling or installing catch basins. To get a free quote, visit our website. 

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