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For as long as humans have been creating structures to sleep in, cook in, and take shelter from the elements in, we’ve needed a supply of building materials. Sure, in ancient times it may have taken quite a bit of time and energy to haul the necessary rock, clay, and wood from its origin point to the construction site, but things are simpler now. Y-Rock Trucking can quickly and easily supply you with all the materials you need to get your project completed on schedule and within budget. 

Types of Building Materials

These days, there are two primary categories of building materials – natural and synthetic. Natural materials are those derived from nature with minimal industrial processing, such as lumber and glass. Synthetic materials are formed in industrial settings and are not found in nature. Plastic is an example of a synthetic material. There are many different types of substances that can be used for construction, but we’ll just mention a few of them here.

Building Materials

  • Wood. Wood from trees or other fibrous plants is one of the oldest and most common building materials. After the trees or plants are harvested, they are cut or pressed into lumber and timber, such as planks and boards, for use by builders. Wood is an excellent building material because it is very strong when vertically compressed, and flexible while maintaining its strength.
  • Brick and block. Bricks are usually made of clay or shale, sometimes of mud, and are usually formed in a moulding and then baked in a kiln to harden them. Some bricks are commercially produced by extruding clay through a die before wire-cutting the clay into bricks. In the 20th century, cinder blocks were developed, made mostly with concrete.
  • Concrete. Concrete as a building material has been around for a long time. Historically, it’s been composed of an aggregate and a binder. These days the most common sort of concrete is Portland cement concrete, which is made of mineral aggregate, Portland cement, and water.

Y-Rock Trucking Has What You Need

Whatever you need for your next construction project, Y-Rock Trucking has it on hand. From wood to metal, bricks to blocks, we have what you need to get the job done. Give us a call today.