Fill dirt is a valuable tool to use in your Central Florida landscaping. It’s easy and efficient, and it can help fix bigger problems quite economically. If you think your backyard or driveway may need some fill dirt, keep reading to find out more. Y Rock Trucking is here to help, and is one of the most trusted names in construction in Polk County. 

Are hurricanes or even just everyday rain storms causing puddling in your Central Florida backyard? Fill dirt may be the answer. This solution can help resolve grading problems and fix drainage. It can also help prevent injuries while moving around or playing in the backyard. 

Fill dirt is not the same as topsoil. It sits below the subsoil and topsoil layers to create a firm foundation for construction. If you try to fill big holes or crevices with topsoil instead of fill dirt, you’ll likely see those same problems come back down the road. For more information on why leveling and grading is so important to your project, and how we can help you with the task, check out this blog post

Fill dirt has little to no organic substances that would settle or shift in changing weather. Screened or “clean” fill dirt also has been checked to be free of contaminants and chemicals. 

When utilizing your fill dirt, if reusing grass, remember that working with square sections will make putting the grass back easier in the end. When deciding how to create a slope line, use stakes by placing them four feet apart starting with the highest point in the yard. Design with drainage in mind, keeping in mind areas you may want to make into raised flower beds. Look for ways to use stones and concrete to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

We’re ready to help you with your hauling and grading needs. Contact us today for a free quote. 

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