Although we might frequently use the terms “pressure” and “flow” interchangeably in everyday speech when talking about water, these two terms are not the same. Learn the differences in today’s blog, and visit our other blog posts to learn more about construction and material hauling in Central Florida. 

Water flow refers to the amount of water that’s coming out of the faucet, hose or spigot in question. Water pressure refers to the force placed on the water to get it to travel from one place to another, or the amount of force the water has when released from the opening of a pipe. 

Knowing the difference between pressure and flow can help you troubleshoot problems in your home. First, recognize that the two have different measurements. Water flow is measured in liters per second because it measures how much liquid is dispensed. Water pressure is measured in kilopascals because you measure the water’s force as it moves through the pipe. Contact YRock Trucking for help with drainage issues in and around your home. 

Because flow and pressure are two different things, they can be manipulated in various ways. Flow can be adjusted at the opening of the pipe, like changing or fixing the shower head you use. Water pressure can be altered by changing the diameter or type of pipe or manipulating the pump settings. 

It’s important to remember that friction comes into play in both water pressure and water flow. The less friction you have, the faster the water will flow. Getting a pipe with a smooth interior will help the water move to its destination faster, even in pipes with a small diameter. 

If your pipes are experiencing problems, try to isolate the issue to determine how to fix it. At YRock Trucking, we can help you with your big problems like drainage or smaller steps in a DIY project. Contact us today for a free quote

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