If the term “grading” brings you back to your school days, we’re here to clue you in. Grading in construction refers to the landscaping and soil levels of the building site. Keep reading and we’ll tell you more, and visit our website for more information on our projects.

A construction area is graded per the final product to assure water can flow down and away from the foundation of the building. This water is then directed into an approved storm drain system. If the soil isn’t graded properly and the water flows and gets caught against the foundation of the house, hydrostatic pressure builds up. This pressure indicates the weight of the water against the wall and will cause damage to the foundation.

A site that’s not graded properly can also encourage soil erosion. Not only do these problems affect you, but they also affect your neighbors. This can leave you liable for damage on your home and other homes as well. Particularly in areas prone to heavy storms or hurricanes, this can be dangerous. Thankfully, Y Rock Trucking has you covered.

We provide the expert services needed to make sure your lot is properly graded from beginning to end of your project. We start with a civil engineer who plans exactly how the land should slope, where water should be diverted, and if any soil should be added or removed to create the perfect leveling.

We also remember that, if possible, grading should be done during dryer seasons, as this helps prevent erosion and having to do a “redo” later. In addition, if too much of the foundation is showing above the final grade, or if the final grade is too close to the wall cladding, this can provide the perfect opportunity for moisture and termites, something we don’t want. Proper backfill is essential.

Rest assured that you’re in good hands with the help of Y Rock Trucking. Visit our website for a free quote on your grading project today.

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