We’re finding more and more ways to recycle these days, and that doesn’t stop at glass and plastic. Asphalt can be milled and recycled into new roads, and it might be the right option for your project. Keep reading to learn more, and visit our website for our milled asphalt services. 

Asphalt is all around us; it makes up the airport runways, driveways and roads we drive on every day. One of the most common forms of road maintenance for asphalt is called “milling.” When an asphalt surface is milled, the broken top layer is removed to smooth the surface. 

After milling, this layer can be taken to an asphalt mixing facility and recycled to make something new. Since it’s a commonly used building material, it makes sense to recycle it as much as we can. In fact, as much as 81% of asphalt that’s removed from roads is recycled. It’s also one of the most commonly recycled materials in the United States. To learn about how you can use recycled materials in other projects, be sure to read our blog post. 

Recycling milled asphalt saves the environment. The mining and refining of new asphalt takes a significant amount of water, and shipping new asphalt from miles away can cause significant fossil fuel waste. Recycling the asphalt cuts down on emissions and water used. Not only is it cheaper than new asphalt, but when mixed with new asphalt, it makes the end result even stronger than new asphalt alone. 

Recycled asphalt has many uses. It can be mixed with cement as a supplement, or used as granular aggregate or subbase aggregate once crushed into the correct size again and combined with other materials. However, you may want to stay away from recycled asphalt for projects dealing with specific colors. Since it has already been worn down by the elements, it won’t retain its color as well as new materials. 

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