If you haven’t noticed, the construction industry in Central Florida is jam-packed. It seems like there is a company popping up on every corner. Unfortunately for the consumer, the project typically ends up costing more than the original estimate and is completed using subpar techniques and materials. 

At Y-Rock Trucking, we do things differently. We branched out from our existing ag and land clearing services so that people in Winter Haven and the surrounding areas have an honest and dependable option when they need materials hauled and delivered.

When we come out to do a quote on material, rest assured that you are getting the most accurate quote available. That’s not an empty promise. Instead, it’s our word backed by our reputation and years of experience. 

At Y Rock, we’ve invested in our services and technology so that we know we’re doing everything possible to give you a reliable quote.

Our extremely high-tech Hilti rotary laser level gives us the precision needed to measure how much material is needed and factors in compaction, as well. 

It doesn’t take long to bring credibility to the table in this industry. There’s a big difference between merely estimating and actually taking the time to learn precisely what the client needs and delivering it. 

There are some extremely talented and reputable construction companies throughout Central Florida, and we work with them to complement your project’s timeline and budget. 

Our work ethic is born of 73 years in the industry, and we’re bringing that hometown feel and trust to leveling, aligning, grading, squaring, hauling,  project design, and drainage systems.

Visit our website for more information and to learn how Y Rock Trucking can make a difference in your next project.