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The Services We Offer

Y Rock Trucking is located in Dundee Florida, but we offer a wide variety of services for delivery and hauling of materials to all of Polk County.


We offer services throughout Florida that allows our clients the flexibility of using their own materials while we handle transportation.

Laser level

We offer laser level services for all sorts of projects.  Our laser pans are 12′ wide and can pitch the elevation on your project in any direction.


Proper grading is important with our wet Florida climate to keep water moving and minimize pooling or flooding.

Land Clearing

 We can take your project from a wooded jungle to a nicely landscape and properly sloped parcel for you to build on.

Mulching & Underbrushing

We have years of experience underbrushing land for immediate use or for adding curb appeal to your real estate investment.

Pipes & Culverts & Drainage

We have years of experience in replacing and new installation of culverts or pipes to maximize your property’s use and allow the natural flow of our water system.

Ponds and Canals

We utilize both standard and long reach track hoes to dig and clean ponds and canals.

Project Design

If you own a machine capable of spreading and grading your project, we are happy to help plan your project while allowing you to save money by doing the equipment work yourself.

The Materials We Offer

Y Rock Trucking offers a wide variety of services for delivery and hauling of materials.

Baseball Clay

Baseball Clay tends to hold water, but packs well.  This is a material that looks just like its name suggests: Baseball Clay.  The orange type of clay you see at a Baseball field or is prominent in Georgia.

Broken Tile

This is a very clean source of material and works well on the top of Central Florida “Sugar Sand”.  Typically Broken Tile is about the size of a deck of cards.

Crushed Asphalt

Crushed Asphalt is Milled Asphalt that has been through a crusher.  Milled and Crushed Asphalt work together just like Broken and Crushed Tile.

Crushed Concrete

Crushed Concrete is typically a By-Product of demolition.  Crushed Concrete is excellent as an aggregate or top dressing over Road Base Clay.

Fill Dirt

Fill Dirt is typically a light gray material, mostly a mix of sand and some organics.  This is great for raising the level of your yard or back filling after a project.

Milled Asphalt

Milled Asphalt comes right off the Mill as roads are taken up on repaving projects.  This material contains larger chunks of asphalt and works much like Broken Tile.

Rip Rap

Rip Rap comes in various sizes.  The most common size averages between 6″-12″ material and is commonly used to protect the ends of culvert pipes and drains to prevent erosion.

Road Base

Road Base is typically the beginning material that will become a roadway.  Road Base spreads evenly and is fantastic for “top dressing” or adding an aggregate material for traction.

Some of Our Work

Y Rock Trucking goes above and beyond when it comes to hauling and delivery of materials, but there’s no need to just take out word for it. View our gallery below to see why we’re so confident that our services are the best.


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